Worcester’s Medical Museums offer a varied programme of workshops for KS1 to KS4 and can tailor them to suit your specific needs.

With collections spanning three centuries, and an outstanding resource of handling objects, there are excellent opportunities to develop skills in historical enquiry and to build understanding in chronology and change through investigating medical and public health advancements. 

Workshops cover Science, History, PSHE, Citizenship and more! (Pst! We now have a KS3 Mathematics board game you can loan, too!)

Choose to visit one or both museums. Joint packages provide ideal opportunities for cross-curricular working and can help facilitate the development of essential skills such as interrogating evidence which creates time for debate, discussion and reflection. 

Please note we are working on a new Primary and Secondary Schools Brochure.

All workshops are priced at £3.00 per pupil, and we have a new ks2 workshop about the spanish ‘flu!

we are not currently offering the black death or deadly diseases workshops.

Visits & TOURS

Your class can take a guided tour of both museums, and if you wish to spend time in either museums without a guide, this can be arranged free of charge. Please check your preferred day has not already been booked by telephoning 01905 542540.


At The Infirmary Museum, students will learn about the history of the British Medical Association, view some 1700s patient grafitti and learn why a brewery was needed in a Georgian Hospital!


At the George Marshall, knowledgeable guides will share stories about the death masks, the Victorian Surgery display and Blossom the cow! And don’t forget to ask how you got medicine before the National Health Service!


Workshops cost £3.00 per student, and can be delivered to a maximum of 30 students at any one time. We regularly see two groups at once, and split the visit between the two medical museums. Tours are priced at £25 per tour.

Many thanks for today! We all enjoyed it very much, and learned a lot. Even the boss was impressed!
— Madley Primary, Hereford after a visit to the George Marshall Medical Museum
The museum is fantastic and the range of artefacts and activities is outstanding!
— Broadway School, Birmingham after a visit to The Infirmary Museum
Thank you for your help in arranging our visit to the George Marshall museum it was useful and informative for our students. Zoe and Louise did a great job of showing us round the museum and telling us about Victorian surgery.
— Teacher, Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster