Guest Blog from a Work Experience Student

A guest blog from Bethany Love, who came to us for a few days of work experience before embarking on her undergraduate degree! Thanks for coming, Bethany!

“My time at Worcester Medical museum has been an incredible experience, allowing me to explore various aspects of museums that I had never previously considered. On the first day, we not only examined the exhibition itself but we sorted through hundreds of photos to find those we thought should be displayed at The Infirmary! It was an incredible feeling being the one to choose whose lives would be on display and those who might not see the light of day again for a very long time.


The second day we helped out with a book launch about the Spanish flu, which again turned out to be a fascinating topic I had never previously looked into. This evening allowed us to converse with numerous researchers, giving me a better idea of what research at and after university goes into.

“The third day for me was the most interesting. We were allowed to transcribe notes written by Doctors about the patients at Powick Mental Hospital. This for me was incredibly impactful, as I was given the opportunity to look into a ‘normal’ person’s life, unlike the rich and luxurious lifestyles we hear about in the media. Whilst reading about these people and their lives, I almost felt myself rooting for them as if I knew them myself, and felt genuine happiness when reading about their recovery.

“Overall I am incredibly grateful for my experience here, I might even find myself trying to transcribe those notes in my own time. Thanks again for the experience! You've been amazing."