Work Experience with the team at GMMM...

Hi my name is Richie Durie and I am a student at Prince Henry's High School and I have been working here on a week’s long work experience. I have been working at Charles Hastings Education Centre and Worcestershire Royal Hospital in the library, Medico-Legal team, Learning and Development and the Museum. Firstly I would like to thank everybody I worked with for such a great and helpful experience with my time here. 

On my first day I spent the day in the library expecting to be as bored as anything, however thanks to David I enjoyed my time thoroughly and the work he set me was enjoyable. The next day I went to the Alexandra hospital to work with the medic-legal team, with which I was unsure of what they did and I was intrigued to find out and learn from them. Jane was fantastic, with not only explaining what she does and explaining the role of her team she tried her best to help me understand it and I would like to thank her and her team for that! After a successful first two days, on the Wednesday I went back to the library to work with Dianne and David again and yet did some different work and I was still entertained and eager! I would like to thank again Dianne and David for my time in the library. On the Thursday I worked with the Museum in the morning which was truly fascinating in itself and Louise asked if I could help her with the talk and tour she gave to the school which visited. I learned a lot about all the different treasures and old medical equipment and the working life around it. All the jobs are fascinating and are all spikes in my interest. And in the afternoon I spent my time with Jane on the front desk handling the stressful, busy ad useful jobs that are needed to keep this place running smoothly!

The amount of work and effort needed to do that is immense and I respect Jane for working so hard and still stay positive and enjoy herself! Friday morning I was back in the museum designing the worksheet shown in this picture- used for the children in the backpacks for the children to walk round. And after doing that I am currently writing this! I would like the thank Louise a lot for what she has taught me and the opportunity she has given me!

Overall I have had a fabulous time here and would like to thank everybody involved who have helped me, and allowed me to work here!

Richard Work Experience Student