A page of links to affiliated institutions and other medical history websites. Please let us know if any of these links do not work.

If our website has whet your appetite for medical history, why not investigate some of these websites to find out more?


Other Medical Museums and Online Collections in the UK

www.museumofthemind.org.uk - Bethlem Museum of the Mind

www.thackraymedicalmuseum.co.uk - Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

www.hunterian.gla.ac.uk -  The Hunterian at Glasgow University 

www.museum.rcsed.ac.uk - Surgeon’s Hall Museums, Edinburgh

www.jennermuseum.com - Dr Jenner's House, near Gloucester

www.GlensideMuseum.org.uk - Glenside Hospital Museum, Bristol

www.medicalmuseums.org - London Museums of Health and Medicine

www.bda.org/museum - British Dental Association museum

www.dundee.ac.uk/museum/collections/medical/medicalhistory - Tayside Medical HIstory Museum, University of Dundee

http://sites.mms.manchester.ac.uk/museum/ - Museum of Medical and Health, University of Manchester

www.inhalatorium.com - An online catalogue of equipment and adverts relating to inhalation treatments put together by a man with experience in the field of respiratory inhaler development and pharmaceuticals

www.eartrumpets.co.uk - An online catalogue of ear trumpets from around the UK!

www.bathmedicalmuseum.org - Bath Medical Museum 

www.royalberkshire.nhs.uk/get-involved/medical-museum.htm - The Royal Berkshire Medical Museum, Reading

https://onlinenursing.duq.edu/online-msn-fnp-program/look-famous-nurses-history/ Famous Nurses in History


Other Sites and Organisations Relating to the History of Medicine

www.wellcomeImages.org- Wellcome Images, a fantastic resource full of medical history images to download; excellent for teachers and students of history of medicine!

www.bshm.org.uk - British Society for the History of Medicine is an umbrella organisation which brings together medical history societies and medical museums from all over the UK.

www.sshmedicine.wordpress.com - Society for the Social History of Medicine has pioneered inter-disciplinary approaches to the history of health, welfare, medical science and practice.

www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/mds/centres/eahmh/index.aspx - The European Association for the History of Medicine and Health aims to foster research and the international exchange of views on all issues concerning health and medicine in Europe and their connections with the extra-European world.  

Connected Institutions

www.medicine.bham.ac.uk/histmed  - History of Medicine at Birmingham University; this website also has a large section with links to history of medicine websites.

www.chec-worcester.co.uk - Charles Hastings Education Centre, home of the George Marshall Medical Museum

www.worcester.ac.uk - University of Worcester, home of The Infirmary Museum

www.bma.org.uk - British Medical Association (founded by Worcester’s very own Sir. Charles Hastings!)

UK Medical Collections Group is a Subject Specific Network bringing together like minded individuals and collections to improve knowledge, public awareness and hold joint events, funding bids and a community.