Nux Vomica, commonly known by the same name is the dried ripe seeds of the plant Strychnos Nux-vomica. It is part of the Loganiaceæ family.

Synonyms – Poison nut, Semen strychni

Habitat – India, Burma, Ceylon

Uses – A powerful spinal nerve tonic and highly poisonous. Nux Vomica is employed as a source of the alkaloid strychnine and in the form of galenical preparations - medicines comprised of natural rather than synthetic materials. Strychnine is the main active chemical in Nux Vomica. As its name suggests, It is particularly noted for its stimulative effects upon the gastro-intestinal tract.

Characteristics – No odour with an extremely bitter taste. The seeds are disc shaped and nearly flat, sometimes irregularly bent. They are ash-grey or greenish-grey, from 2cm to 2.5cm in diameter and about 6mm thick. The surfaces are densely covered with short, satiny and closely-appressed hairs.