Cambogia, commonly known as Gamboge is a gum-resin obtained from the tropical tree Garcinia Hanburii, a member of the Guttiferæ family. A similar gum-resin can be obtained from the plant Hypericum - St. Johnswort. Gamboge was first introduced to England in the seventeenth-century by the Dutch.

Synonyms - Gummi Gutta - another common name for the drug, Gutta gamba

Habitat - Siam and Cochin-China, Cambodia, Ceylon

Uses - A very effective treatment for hypertension in cases with cerebral congestion. A strong purgative (cleanses, empties the bowels) and used as a colouring agent.

Characteristics - No odour with a very bitter taste. When water is applied the gum-resin produces a yellow emulsion. Dissolves in a mixture of alcohol and water.