Thanks to the Worcestershire World War One Hundred project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the medical museums have designed and produced hard copies and downloadable versions for playing. The game, based on the First World War scenario of a casualty clearing station, has been piloted by students from Tudor Grange Academy, Worcester, and is ready to play!

The game includes images from the museums' collections of objects relating to Lt. Col. Goddard (Medical Officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First World War), and the premise of the casualty clearing station (CCS). The CCS was part of the casualty evacuation chain. They were portable hospitals, manned by troops of the Royal Army Medical Corps but further back from the front line than Aid Posts and Field Ambulances. The role of the CCS was to treat a soldier so he could either return to duty, or, be evacuated to a Base Hospital. It was not intended that any wounded soldier would stay there long.

In playing the game, KS3 Mathematics students will apply their knowledge of probabilities and percentages to choose the correct course of medical treatment for sets of injured soldiers (there are even more difficult patient options for advanced students). There is a specific outcome for every soldier, based upon their chances of survival for each separate injury. This allows students to engage with history and mathematics in a fun and informative way, while teachers remain the expert adjudicator. The game should be played in opposing teams of 2 or more, and the winner is the team who calculated the correct course of action for the most soldiers in the shortest amount of time.


The Casualty Clearing Station board game is ready to play! If you are interested in borrowing up to 10 games please let us know on the form below. 

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